Orangy shackles with a brandname equal slavery? I think not!

This whole rigmarole about those Adidas sneakers is laughable at best.

First and foremost it’s such a ridiculous first world problem and secondly not everything with chains or shackles is related to slavery and not all slavery is related to a particular skin color (mind you, even Icelanders had their share or enslaving and being enslaved in The Olden Times™). If you want to be treated the same no matter the color of your skin you shouldn’t start discriminating whenever it fits some agenda of yours. Be at least consistent, for f**k’s sake. And yes, I am of the opinion that especially the people responsible for atrocities of the past or their modern supporters (such as Nazis) should be laughed into their faces. Why not consider it a satire targeting the attire in Guantanamo (orange and shackles) and thus drawing attention to an ongoing injustice?

Quite frankly the first reaction to the photos was a wide smile and a slight expression of disbelief on my face. Heck, who would be willing to be seen in this attire? But then I remembered that Apple has pulled quite some stunts with its fanboy base, so why shouldn’t Adidas be able to do the same. The next reaction was that Adidas was clearly counting on brandwashed people here. Let them wear the stuff if they want to. If they wanted me to wear this kind of stuff I would ask no less than two grand a month (Euro, please) for the schadenfreude I’d have to endure from others for wearing them 😆

I’m just waiting for the reaction from the BDSM communities who will probably claim that all of this “goes too far” because it makes fun of bondage :mrgreen: … or perhaps they will complain about this promoting BDSM and therefore exposing it to mainstream while they’d prefer to stay amongst themselves? How much more ridiculous can this actually get, given the “arguments” that are already on the table?

I mean, honestly … political correctness can go too far. I hope people will satirize this whole “outcry” for what it is …

// Oliver

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