Should Germany receive a permanent seat in the UN Security Council?

I don’t think so.

Why not? Well, you may be surprised, because the reason is not mistrust in the German government – which I indeed have. The reason why I think that Germany shouldn’t get a seat is because I think the whole institution should be abolished or completely reformed. No, not the UN, but the UN Security Council.

Why was the Security Council and the UN overall established? It was the answer to World War II. As such we have an easy explanation for the powers that have a permanent seat on the Security Council. But now it’s more than six decades after this war and the power has shifted several times. Why should that not get reflected in the Security Council? Where is Brazil, for example?

But moreover, if on the international stage all sovereign countries are equal, how comes that five countries have veto rights at all? It can’t be the fact that they have nuclear weapons, because we know plenty more countries have those. So what on Earth gives those countries the right to veto a majority decision?

So as I see it, Germany in this position would only mean that Germany gains more powers, but doesn’t help to legitimate the resolutions of the UN Security Council any more. In turn, if the veto rights would be stripped, it would legitimate resolutions more than it currently does.

// Oliver

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