Hah, there we go

Some of you may remember that in my first post concerning the Quick Launch in Windows 7, I was complaining about it disappearing. Well, that got seemingly fixed after I solved the issue with the Quick Launch sticking to the right side of the taskbar instead of its rightful place next to the start button, it worked for quite some time without hassle. But since I hadn’t changed anything specific to its disappearance, I was sure this was just a problem waiting to return …

Just now, after I dared to use my laptop outside its standard environment (plugged into a docking station with another monitor connected), the Quick Launch has disappeared again.

That is annoying. Can we please have the functioning one back? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top, Microsoft? Or at the very least, make it a standard citizen of the taskbar again, so it doesn’t appear next to the TNA by default, but instead next to the start button?!

// Oliver

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