So Embarcadero released version XE of the RAD Studio. Great stuff. Would love to buy it, but for a private person buying an upgrade is quite pricey. 800 EUR or 700 EUR until September 30th as a special offer. As a side-note, I upgraded to RAD Studio 2010 earlier this year, skipped the “Support and Maintenance” package, because I couldn’t afford it at the time. Regrettable, as Embarcadero does not offer something like a six month time frame to change your mind. Oh well, bad luck. Money spent at the wrong time. Spending it now would have given me everything I got back then plus all the goodies.
It is especially regrettable because the new offer includes Delphi 7 and BCB 6, which I would really like to have in order to check compatibility of new and old source code. The offer was already made about two months after my purchase (which was less than four months ago) for RAD Studio 2010, but yet again only after I purchased it. It’s like lottery, not a business model with which I agree 😉

As a comparison: for my MSDN Pro subscription I pay ~1200 EUR for two years, which includes software maintenance and a much bigger value for the money (all of the OSs from MS, all developer tools, various other goodies … oh and did I mention support incidents or x64 compilers :mrgreen: ?).

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3 Responses to Seriously?

  1. Remko says:

    Did you contact Embarcadero or your reseller to discuss this?

    PS: of course if you rejoin Jedi you get access to All Delphi versions from 7 to XE 😛

  2. Oliver says:

    No I did not discuss it with resellers, but I sent a mail to Embarcadero when they added the offer for the 2010 barely over a month after my purchase. No replies as of now.

    And no, I won’t “cheat” by joining the project again pro-forma. There is nothing I could contribute at the moment.

  3. Remko says:

    So contact your reseller, after he you bought there and not directly from Embarcadero.
    But of course Embarcadero should at least reply to your enquiry…

    Oh I didn’t mean you should cheat when I talked about rejoining Jedi 😉

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