DDKBUILD.CMD 7.3/r27 released

Hereby I announce the release of DDKBUILD.CMD 7.3/r27. The version numbers are according to what I posted earlier here. This release contains really minor improvements only, but fixes also one bug that was reported over at OSR. This was caused due to sloppy handling of the command line flags.

Furthermore this revision has been tested more thoroughly than previous ones, so I hope it will be the DDKBUILD for some time to come.

Enjoy this release. Download the latest version of DDKBUILD.CMD as always from the DDKWizard website or over at osronline.com.

// Oliver

PS: At the time of this writing the trunk version and the release version are identical. Obviously this will change over time, but you would be able to see this from the changed revision number (current one is 27).

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