Icelandic terrorist threat (Update)

According to what I have learnt since I posted the previous post, the Britains took over KaupthingEdge in the UK and this brought Kaupthing to struggle here in Iceland. So the board of directors approached the Icelandic government to be taken over. That’s what transpired here so far. So the takeover was less of a state-imposed thingy, but rather an initiative of Kaupthing …

This will surely give some interesting diplomatic fights. The justification of the takeover of KaupthingEdge in the UK was the anti-terrorist legislation …

Update #1: (correction) the anti-terrorist legislation was used against Landsbanki to freeze their funds in the UK after being taken over. This prompted the Kaupþing board to ask to be taken over, which in turn caused potential losses in the billions on the British side.

// Oliver

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